What you can do in one day in the area

Alba Carolina Citadel and the historical area of the city with the main objectives: the Union Hall, the Museum of Unification, the Cathedral of Reunification and the Catholic Cathedral

The limestones of Ampoita – near the camping (mountain climbing + panorama)

Piatra Boului (marked footpath in the woods, rock climbing, panorama)

Dealul Calmului (paraglide, panorama)

Taut Castle (ruins, ample panorama)

Cheile Ampoitei (cycling, rock climbing)

Carstic Ciumarna Plateau (trekking)

Lake Iezerul Ighel

Ramet – Ramet Monastery, Cheile Rametului, Cheile Manastirii (rock climbing, straw-covered houses)

Cetea – Baile Romane (canyoning, rock climbing, panorama)

Intregalde (Cheile Intregaldei, Cheile Galditei)

Fenes (rock climbing)

Fenesasa – Cheile Caprei, Poiana cu narcise (rock climbing, cycling)

Zlatna – Coltul lui Blaj (rock climbing)

Valea Mica (small nice village)

Craiva Veche (dead village)

Piatra Craivii (panorama, former dacic citadel)

Piatra Cetii (panorama Tecsesti village)

Rosia Montana (roman mine galleries, gold museum)